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  • Sling Media, Slingbox M1
    £129.99 Sling Media, Slingbox M1
    SLINGBOX M1 FEATURES  Slingbox is your TV—anywhere. Watch and control your live and recorded movies, sports, or TV shows anywhere, anytime with this WiFi-enabled box—in up to Full HD. Slingbox gives you...

  • Slingbox IR Blaster
    £14.99 Choose Options Slingbox IR Blaster
    Infra Red control cable, suitable for use with all Slingboxs  Solo has 2 way Pro HD has 4 way 350 has a Pyramid style       you must select which style you need...

  • Slingbox SCART Adapter
    £9.99 Slingbox SCART Adapter
    SCART to RCA Adapter suitable for all Slingboxes. If you are connecting your Slingbox via a SCART connection, you'll need one of these, and if you've misplaced it, they can be hard to...

  • Slingbox SOLO, 350, PRO-HD and SlingCatcher Power Supply
    £19.95 Choose Options Slingbox SOLO, 350, PRO-HD and SlingCatcher Power Supply
    Replacement Power Supply for the Slingbox SOLO, Slingbox 350, Slingbox PRO-HD or the SlingCatcher units. (Note – this item is not suitable for the Slingbox Classic or Slingbox PRO). Comes complete with European 2 pin...

  • SlingCatcher Remote
    £19.99 SlingCatcher Remote
    Replacement Remote control For The Sling catcher Digital mulitimedia Reciever.

    £139.95 SLINGMEDIA SlingBox PRO-HD
    Slingbox PRO-HD   WATCH YOUR TV ANYWHERE Take your entire HD home theatre with you wherever you go with the Slingbox® PRO-HD. Connect to multiple audio visual sources and tune in to your favourite TV shows,...